Jay Sanghvi

Graduated: 2017

Current Role:
Final year Actuarial Studies & Statistics (UNSW) prior to joining Ernst Young in 2022

What is your current job / role?

I’m still in my final year at university, but I will be joining EY next year as an Actuarial Consultant. I’m also a mathematics teacher at a tutoring company called Matrix Education during my time at uni.

Did you always aspire to be in the job position you currently hold?

Until year 11 I didn’t really have an idea on what would be right for me. I knew that I liked being curious and I enjoyed math the most out of the subjects I did.

In year 11 and 12, I had passionate teachers which ultimately inspired me to do something in mathematics. I had the opportunity to enrol in Actuarial Studies and Statistics at UNSW, which is what I pursued.

It took me 4 years (i.e. my entire time at university) to figure out what an actuary even is (basically calculates risk for businesses like banks and insurance companies using statistics). It seems quite interesting! So I didn’t always aspire for this job position / career, but I did aspire to work in this field.

What have you done since leaving CTHS?

In addition to stuying at UNSW - I also:

  • Joined Matrix Education and became a mathematics teacher, and I’ve been so for the past 4 years. This has been very transformative for my confidence and also gave me a way to share my passion for math with others.

  • Completed an intership at NAB over the summer of 2020/21. I got to witness a lot of busy people work on deals and projections and trades. This was my first “real” work experience.

  • Joined a social basketball team with some past CTHS friends! It’s awesome getting to play with them every week and a great bonding experience.

Please share some words of wisdom for today's students...

  • Always be keen to learn! People learn in different ways, some people learn through reading, some through listening, some through experimenting and doing. But whatever your style, always seek to learn from those around you.

  • Be original every now and then. Do something none of your friends are doing! I often hear “there’s nothing special about me” or “I’m not passionate about anything” from friends and students. Sometimes, we’ve been copying our friends and peers so much we’ve lost touch with what is unique to us. Maybe you’ve always wanted to sing or dance or learn the guitar? Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a business? Have the courage to be the first!

  • Develop a great attitude and self-esteem to deal with failures! I’ve met a lot of brilliant people, but sometimes they get devastated and label themselves after just one failure! One bad grade, one poor interview, one failed project and they assume “there’s something inherently wrong with me! I’m just bad at (whatever-it-was)". In the moment, it’s completely fine to feel a little disappointed. But come out of it fast and try again!